Strollin’ Colon Showcased at UHC During Colon Cancer Awareness Month

In March 2018, United Hospital Center kicked off Colon Cancer Awareness Month with the “Strollin’ Colon” exhibit throughout the entire month.

This unique exhibit was free to the public to help educate individuals and their loved ones on colon cancer and the importance of colon cancer screening.

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in West Virginia.

The Strollin’ Colon structure showed what a healthy colon looked like, as well as what it looks like when cancer is present.

Exhibit tours were provided by Family Medicine Residency Physicians Victor Singzon, MD; Elizabeth Hess, MD; and Whitney Courtney, DO, as well as the family medicine residents. Not only did they walk individuals through the colon, they were also able to share information and answer questions.

Colonoscopy appointment scheduling and FIT tests were also offered to individuals who were interested.

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